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Spirometer MAS2-B

Stand Alone digital spirometer complete touch screen 7"
Integration with hospital information system (HIS, EHR/EMR) (E-Health)
Spirometry standardization ATS/ERS-2019
VGA port for connecting the device to a large screen
Software IntelSpiro Medical examination Screening
Pulse Oximetry Mode
Animation test
Software IntelSpiro Asthma Monitor
Declaration of Conformity EAEU
Certificate of conformity
ISO Manufacturing Certificate
LKPP e-katalog

Spirometry machine (spirometer) MAS2-B

Additional equipment:

    Pulse Oximetry
    Remote collection and analysis of spirograms
    Built-in battery
    Calibration device
    Integration with HIS
    Printing device A4
    Compact thermal printer

    Number of disposable mouthpieces:
    Number of reusable mouthpieces:
    Number of nose clips:
    Number of disposable bacterial viral filters:

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    Applicability of MAS2-B desktop spirometry machine:

    – Specialized diagnostic centers;

    – Departments of functional diagnostics;

    – Pulmonology and cardiology departments;

    – Healthcare institutions of the 3rd and 4th levels;

    – Sports dispensaries;

    – Scientific research;

    – When teaching students and retraining cadets of medical universities…

    Key features of the MAS2-B spirometry machine:

    • Classical spirometry
    • Pre-post tests (3 protocols)
    • Evaluation of respiratory function “at a glance”
    • Assessment of the quality of tests: ATS – 1994, ATS/ERS – 2005
    • Dynamic observation for routine spirometry for children – “Children’s Monitor
    • Dynamic observation in routine spirometry for adults – “COPD Monitor”
    • Animation test (for children and hearing impaired)
    • Transferring spirometry data to a PC
    • Compact thermal printer (option)
    • Forming respiratory risk groups during medical and clinical examinations
    • Electronic questionnaires: ACTtm, CATtm
    • Built-in battery (option)
    Compact thermal printer for MAS2 spirometer
    Compact thermal printer for MAS2 spirometer

    Autonomous data storage spirometer MAS2-B is complete touchscreen spirometry machine with a 7-inch color touch screen, stores protocols of at least 50,000 examinations in memory. This intelligent measurement-information system allows you to perform all classical spirometry tests, as well as PRE / POST tests in full.

    The device implements quality control and testing reliability in accordance with ATS/ERS-2005. Interpretation of spirograms allows the general practitioner, pediatrician, sectorial doctor to determine the presence or absence of respiratory function disorders “at a glance” without analyzing the numerical values.

    The medical memory spirometer is equipped with a pneumotachometric respiration sensor (Fleisch tube) with temperature control, as well as a built-in weather station, which increases the reliability of the data obtained, incl. with a large number of surveys.

    Both reusable and disposable mouthpieces and antibacterial filters are allowed.

    Ability to adapt the device to work in the Electronic Health.

    Specifications MAS2-B

    Characteristic Meaning
    Screen LCD color touch
    Screen size 7″
    Screen resolution, dots 800×480
    Built-in weather station for BTPS correction Measurement of temperature, humidity, pressure.
    E-Health Integration with hospital information system (HIS), connection to local networks.
    Connecting an external monitor/projector via the VGA-port option
    Keyboard Touch screen
    Built-in battery option
    BTPS correction automatic
    Inhale / Exhale Yes / Yes
    VC test
    FVC, TV, MV, ERV, IRV, BF, IC, EVC, IVC quality criteria: Nvc, ΔVC, VFOT
    FVC test
    FVC, FEV1, %FVC, %VC, PIF,PEF, MEF25, MEF50, MEF75, FEF25-75, FEV0.5, FEV0.75, FEV3, FEV0.75/VC, FEV0.75/FVC, FEV3/VC, FEV3/FVC, FIVC, FIV1, FIV1/FIVC, MIF25, MIF50, MIF75, MET, FET, MTT, TPEF,
    TPEF/FET, FEV0.2-1.2, FEV75-85, FEVpef Sfvc, MEF50/FVC, MEF50/VC, Тμ0, Тμ1, Тμ2, VC/FEFpef
    – quality criteria: Nfvc, ΔFVC, ΔFEV1, EV, VeotFVC.
    Bronchodilator test Yes
    Provocative test Yes
    Functional test Yes
    MVV test
    MVV, TVm, RRm, VC/MVV
    Test АСТ™ Yes
    Test САТ™ Yes
    Comparison 2, multiple measurement, regression, dynamic observation
    Reference values Up to 9 systems for 3 to 95 years (Klement, ECCS – European Coal and Steel Society,Knudson, GLI-2012 – adults; Shiryaeva, Knudson, Quanjer, Zapletal, GLI-2012 – children). Automatic age- and race- dependent system selection
    Database Capacity (number of records) > 20,000
    Automatic test quality control Yes, ATS-1994, ATS/ERS-2005
    Flow range, l/s ±16 ±3%
    Volume range, l 0.2/0.8 – 8 ±3%
    Software “Screening” (medical examination) option
    Software “Asthma-monitor” option
    Peakflowmetry test
    PEF and FEV1, daily variability (DV)
    Pulse Oxymetry option
    Parameters TV, MV, BF, SpO2avrg, SpO2min, SpO2max, HFavrg, HFmin, HFmax, PIavrg, PImin, PImax
    SpO2 range 35-100%
    Heart rate range (HF) 30-240 beat/min
    Printer type, connection, protocol format External laser printer (protocol PCL), via USB, A4 / Compact thermal printer
    Paper type A4, office paper / Thermal paper roll
    Types of printed protocols Spirometry reports:
    basic (1 page), advanced (2 pages);
    Tests protocols:
    – bronchodilator test report (pre/post),
    – provocation test report,
    – functional test report,
    – comparison
    report, dynamic monitoring report, regression report.
    Pulse oximetry:
    – SPO2 and HF in routine tests FVC, FVC
    – pulse oximetry trends simultaneously with spirogram
    Software for remote collection and analysis of spirograms option
    Size, mm, max (without flow sensor) 240x221x80
    Weight, g, max 1140