Screening - Medical examinations using MAS2 spirometersThe principle of a professional examination is a screening at the place of work or residence, which takes place from year to year on the same spirometer. This allows all statistical processing to be performed directly in the spirometer itself, which is what MAS2 spirometers do with an expert assessment of the quality of tests. The patient examination protocol always contains both information about the state of the respiratory function on the date of the examination, and an assessment of the dynamics of the respiratory function for the entire observation period. Having detected a decrease in ventilation parameters more than expected during the observation period (for example, since the date of the previous medical examination), the MAS2 expert system of spirometers informs the researcher about this in a printed protocol.

Dynamic observation of the parameters of the respiratory function during medical examinations makes it possible to identify not only risk factors and criteria for the disease in the early stages of its development, but the negative dynamics of ventilation indicators from examination to examination, even in cases when the parameters themselves are still within the normal range, i.e. when the patient is still practically healthy and does not seek medical care.

The use of MAS2 spirometers in medical screening and professional examination provides:

– an adequate assessment of the quality and correctness of the performed studies of the respiratory function up to their recognition as unacceptable;

– the possibility of screening assessment of respiratory function “at a glance” and reliable interpretation of spirograms by therapists, sectorial doctors during mass examinations directly at enterprises;

– dynamic observation in routine spirometry, i.e. control of the dynamics of FEV1, FEV1/FVC parameters and smoking
index (SI) in all surveyed;

– identification of respiratory risk groups (COPD, bronchial asthma) in the absence of clinical manifestations.