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Disposable antibacterial pulmonological filters

Antibacterial filters for spirometers

Disposable antibacterial filter

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    Filters for spirometry universal disposable pulmonological antibacterial.

    Purpose: designed to prevent the ingress of biological contaminants (viruses and infections) into the spirometric equipment and the environment during spirometry studies (protection of the patient and medical personnel).

    Low resistance at a large cross-section of the surface provides high measurement accuracy, safety and convenience for the tested.

    Filter size Length – 87 mm, outer diameter – 30.0 mm
    Filter material electrostatic
    Bacteria filtration efficiency more than 99%
    Virus filtration efficiency more than 99%
    Compatible with spirometers MAS2 (MAS-1, also with other spirometers using adapters)
    Packaging individual
    Minimum batch box (50 pcs.)