Useful options

Animation test in a spirometer

Animation test

The picture, which livens up when breathing, increases the child’s motivation in the correct execution of spirometric maneuvers. To do this, you just need to ‘blow’ the dragon off the bridge. It is also effective for people with hearing impairments, being sometimes the only possible way to perform the study of respiratory function in such patients.

Spirometry, medical examination, screening

Medical Examination

The option is adapted for mass examinations during medical examinations and prophylactic medical examinations. Reduces the time for a complete examination several times (up to 1–1.5 minutes), since the entire set of measurements is performed in one connection of the patient to the spirometer. At the same time, the quality and reliability of spirometry tests is monitored, and the interpretation of spirometry results is provided, including at a glance.

Integration with medical information system EHR/EMR

Integration with HIS

MAS2 spirometers are connected to hospital data transmission and reception information networks. Patients are examined on the basis of electronic referrals from the registry, and the results of the tests performed are transmitted directly from the spirometers to hospital information system (HIS), with the possibility of viewing them in their personal account.

PulseOxymetry SpO2

Pulse Oximetry

Provides the ability to record blood oxygen saturation SpO2 and pulse rate simultaneously with the performance of spirometry tests. This expands the diagnostic capabilities of the spirometer, making it possible to objectify the diagnosis of respiratory failure.

Gas analysis and capnometry option in MAS2-S spirometer

Gas Analysis

Provides a non-invasive determination of the oxygen content O2 and carbon dioxide CO2 in the inhaled and exhaled air with the measurement and calculation of the following parameters: TV, MV, BF, SрO2, HF, PetСО2, РiСО2, PeСО2 , FeO2, FiO2, VD/VT, VCO2, VO2, R (RQ), VO2/HF, PAO2, VA, MV/VCO2, MV/VO2, MET.

Software IntelSpiro Asthma Monitor

Asthma Monitor

Automatically interprets diagnostically significant situations with exceeding the norm daily variability of POSvyd, FEV1. Asthma Control Test ™ is an ERS-validated Asthma Control Test that also includes an Asthma Control Score with interpretation in the printed spirometry protocol.