Asthma-Monitor protocolThe Asthma-Monitor software (software) provides the possibility of keeping an electronic diary – monitoring and statistical processing of the results of the study of respiratory function in patients when they are in a hospital (allergic, pulmonological, therapeutic profile), or in a day hospital.

The Asthma-Monitor software automatically calculates the daily variability not only of PEF (protocol in l/min), but FEV1 in % when performing a forced expiratory maneuver in the morning and in the evening.

At the same time, the requirements for performing the FVC maneuver are significantly simplified: it is enough just to make a forced exhalation with a duration of slightly more than 1 second – in order to correctly determine FEV1, but there is no need to exhale for 6 seconds, which is quite difficult, and for patients with asthma in exacerbation – often impossible. PEF and FEV1 measurements are much more accurate when using a spirometer than when using peak flow meters. The Asthma-Monitor program correctly selects data from several attempts made by the patient, but generates PEF and FEV1 trends in the format from 1 to 4 weeks of hospitalization of the patient or his/her stay in the day hospital.

In addition, long-term storage of monitoring results makes it possible to adequately select pharmacotherapy, for example, when a patient is re-hospitalized. Automatic saving of the results of all performed studies with the formation of individual patient files allows for dynamic observation and comparison of respiratory function indicators for any period of time of interest to a doctor.