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Pallestesiometer ANVS-01

Pallesesthesiometer - vibration tester
Integration with hospital information system (HIS, EHR/EMR) (E-Health)

Pallesthesiometer ANVS-01 (medical vibration tester)

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    Purpose of ANVS vibration tester

    ANVS-01 vibration sensitivity analyzer (Pallestesiometer) is designed to assess the vibration sensitivity thresholds of the distal human extremities by creating local vibrations of varying intensity in a wide frequency range and registering the minimum felt ones. The parameters of vibration stimuli are registered and memorized, which correspond to the moments of pressing and releasing the patient’s button. The study is controlled and monitored from a personal computer (PC), on which the ANVS-01 software is installed. The research results are stored in non-volatile memory, which makes it possible to carry out a comparison with the stored standards and previous personalized studies. ANVS-01 generates vibrations at fixed frequencies in the range of 3-500 Hz, which can be set by the user. In accordance with GOST R ISO 13091-1, all frequencies are divided into 3 ranges, for different types of mechanoreceptors (SAI, FAI, FAII). The following frequencies are possible:

    • 3.15 Hz; 4 Hz (basic frequency of SAI range); 5 Hz
    • 20 Hz; 25 Hz; 31.5Hz (basic frequency of FAI range)
    • 100 Hz; 125 Hz (basic frequency of FAII range); 160 Hz
    • Auxiliary frequencies 8 Hz; 16 Hz; 63 Hz; 250 Hz; 500 Hz

    ANVS-01 vibration sensitivity analyzer is a basic unit to which the vibrator and patient button are connected. The base unit is connected to a PC via USB 2.0 interface. Power is supplied from the power adapter with 12V output voltage.

    Advantages of ANVS vibration tester:

    • High objectivity of research
    • Easy to use
    • Waveform – sinusoidal (pure tone)
    • Current parameters of vibration stimuli are displayed on a screen
    • Screening function to speed up the examination
    • Vibration sensitivity analyzer software is installed on a PC and runs under MS Windows OS 10
    Characteristic Meaning
    Control via PC software
    Supported OS MS Windows 10, 11
    PC connection USB 2.0
    Displaying parameters On a PC screen
    Main functions and operating modes: – Entering patient data, medical facility;
    – Selection of the examination mode (screening – at 3 base frequencies, expert – up to 14 frequencies), as well as the parameters of vibration stimuli;
    – Screening testing mode with the ability to configure the values of the base frequencies of vibration stimuli supply, set by default;
    – Expert testing mode with ability to form a study design – selection of the number (up to 14) and values of the base frequencies, as well as the number of repetitions of vibration stimuli;
    – Setting the place of taking vibration sensitivity (fingers, elbow, toes);
    – Ability to control the supply of vibration stimuli (repeat, pause, stop);
    – Protection against data loss in case of abnormal situations during supply of vibration stimuli;
    – Configuring screen view and examination protocol;
    – Display of thresholds of vibrotactile sensitivity in the form of graphs and tables;
    – Viewing and searching of conducted examinations;
    – Formation of automatic conclusions;
    – Possibility of forming electronic epicrisis – a doctor’s conclusion with saving in a database on a local PC;
    – Ability to export research in PDF, CSV format;
    – Ability to print the research protocol.
    Time of the operating mode set ≤ 3 min
    Waveform sinusoidal (pure tone)
    Vibration stimulus frequency 3 to 500 Hz
    (from the set: 3.15; 4; 5; 8; 16; 20; 25; 31.5;
    63; 100; 125; 160; 250; 500 Hz)
    Vibration frequency relative error ≤ 10%
    Number of independent vibrochannels
    (supply of vibration stimuli – patient response)
    – one
    – two (Option)
    Electronic archive Yes (Patient and test results database is limited by PC storage capacity)
    Audio visual control Yes
    Screening function Yes
    Printed protocols Yes (A4 format)
    Power supply of the device from mains voltage converter 230 V 50 Hz to 230V 50Hz to direct current voltage 12V (power adapter)
    Energy consumption ≤ 25 V∙A (60 V∙A for two-channel version)
    Operating temperature 15-35°CС
    Operating relative humidity ≤ 80% at t=25°C
    Dimensions (base unit) ≤ 230x180x50 mm
    Dimensions (vibrator) ≤ 90 (diameter) x 50mm
    Dimensions (patient button) ≤ 120x60x35 mm
    Weight (without power adapter) ≤ 1.2kg
    E-Health – MIS Integration Option

    The devices manufactured by Belintelmed LLC are approved for use in medical practice.

    ANVS-01 vibration analyzer was issued a Registration Certificate of Roszdravnadzor No. RZN 2021/14425 dated May 27, 2021.

    The quality management system of Belintelmed LLC complies with EN ISO 13485:2016.