The VGA video interface allows displaying information both on a built-in screen of MAS2 autonomous diagnostic spirometer and on an external monitor (PC monitor, LCD panel, computer projector). This feature turns the spirometer into a demonstration and training system.

Autonomous diagnostic spirometer with VGA port     MAS2 spirometer equipped with an additional external monitor (for example, a color LCD panel or LCD TV), allows demonstrating to a small audience (a study group of 10-20 people, listeners during lectures) in real time the study of the respiratory function of a person, for larger audiences, a multimedia projector can be used.

At the same time, the IntelSpiro expert system installed in the spirometer makes it possible to demonstrate the basic techniques and skills of working with the spirometer. This can happen automatically (when starting the demo version), as well as manually when taking real measurements using the instructions displayed on a screen by the spirometer before starting a particular test. After taking measurements, the spirometer comments on the main mistakes when performing breathing maneuvers (insufficient duration of forced expiration, insufficient effort at the beginning of forced expiration, insufficient number of attempts, lack of reproducibility of breathing by any parameter, etc.), or in the case of correctly conducted studies, the respiratory function proposes to go to the next breathing maneuver.

After completing the entire volume of respiratory function studies, the spirometer displays on a screen:

  • patient data, the system of norms used, a date and time of the study, a name of an institution, as well as the data of the device;
  • values of measured parameters of the respiratory function;
  • graphs of quiet (spirometry) and forced (pneumotachometry) breathing of a patient;
  • a table of quality criteria, which allows assessing the reliability of performed studies of respiratory function;
  • a graphical color visualization system of a conclusion, which allows determining “at a glance” a type and degree of impairment of the respiratory function;
  • preliminary conclusion on the patient’s respiratory function (respiratory function protocol);
  • assessment of the impact of the functional test (protocol);
  • assessment of the dynamics of the patient’s respiratory function parameters during the observation period (comparison and regression protocols).

Implementation of the principle “store the results of all measurements” (the archive capacity in the basic configuration is at least 50,000 studies) provides unique opportunities for the accumulation and processing of spirometric research data, which is especially important for scientific research. The spirometer has a built-in LAN interface that allows for data transmission in local computer networks, in Hospital Information System (HIS) and via the Internet.

Application: for training students (cadets) of departments of medical and biological profile of universities (medical universities, etc.), institutions for advanced training of medical personnel.

Spirometer autonomous with touch screen mas2-b VGA

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